Improving and extending the lives of people everywhere.

  • The World Health Organization,
  • The United Nations,
  • and, the International Community agree...
  • ... improving the health of the world’s poorest people is a priority.
  • Millions of mothers and their children are at risk.
  • Millions of children die from diseases that are largely preventable or curable with good care and nutrition.
  • GHS has developed practical alternatives dealing with the provision of resources to address global health disparities.
  • The Modular Hospital Unit brings access to health services directly to those in need.
  • This means that mothers and children will have an opportunity to reach their full human potential.


Global Human Services is a nonprofit, humanitarian organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for the world's most vulnerable populations by providing access to health care.

We are a conglomerate of global citizens with the mission of improving and extending the lives of people everywhere.

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At GHS we culminate solutions to global health disparities through collaboration, contemporary thought, and unconventional application of advanced technologies, logistics and management. Our goal is to eliminate or significantly reduce global health disparities that contribute to high morbidity and mortality in the developing world.

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We are country-specific, and mission-driven; we develop effective solutions to global health disparities based on global epidemiology and disease prevalence. Bringing together strategic resources, and coordinating people, equipment, technology, and capital, GHS efficiently deploys targeted solutions that provide hope for people around the world.